Welcome to Find Your Light

The online network where Black womyn gather, develop, create, support each other, and thrive.

About Me

Find Your Light (FYL) was founded by vocalist and composer Valerie Troutt, our mission for the online network is to build a positive social media experience for Black womyn that is safe & brave.  FYL aims to create belonging by developing pathways for Black Womyn to connect, vision, build and reframe what it means to be Black, Womyn, and Artists outside of the constructs of the white center. How can we support one another where we are, and with what we have? knowing that we are enough.  

Why You Should Join Me

Join the Find Your Light online network and become apart of a positive, thriving community of Black Womyn from all over the world.  We are each others best resource.   

A Big Thanks

Thanks to Zoolabs, Uptima and my team Rashida Chase and Emanuel Ruffler for giving me the opportunity to try, try, and try again.  

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